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11 ago , 2014,
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Suspect Robert Lewis Dear, 57, has been consistently described in the media and by others as “deranged,” the basis of which is his appearance. Photos showed Dear appearing to be in a disheveled state, to put it kindly. Otherwise, derangement is the only plausible explanation to sane people.

The Town of Humber Arm South will be honouring Mr. In Benoit’s Cove. The run, which will feature both a 5 km and 10 km distance for people of all ages, is also honouring the memory of Jeffrey Duffy, another member of the community who died of cancer at the age of 27..

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Several comments said it should be taken down. One comment said “it is sick to simulate hanging bodies, especially one of a child.”There were positive comments as well, some claiming they wanted to do the same display at their home. Others saying “it’s just Halloween fun.”Pender’s neighborhood is filled with children, and even these kids have their own opinion about it.

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